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An online lottery game produced for Veikkaus in cooperation with
Nasta Design and Moido Games.

Valpuri, Herbert, Kiki and Lymy are the furry inhabitants of the zoo. Come nightfall, the not so furry species leave the premises and the furry ones are able to leave the safety of their enclosures in search for their friends and favourite foods.

Herkkuzoot (Delicazoo) is an online lottery game Brink produced for Veikkaus in cooperation with Nasta Design and Moido Games. In the basic game the player needs to find 3 matching animals and if you’re lucky you can proceed to one of the 3 bonus levels that are located in a tropical jungle, high up above the treetops and at the beach where some very polite and well fed crocodiles share their extra food with visiting animals.

The 5 animals we designed for the game all have distinct personalities.

The kind hearted lion, Lymy is a bit of an introvert and always afraid of everything, even his own roar. Valpuri on the other hand is a confident, flirtatious hippo with a big appetite and at least as big mouth. Herbert the skunk wants to see himself as a well groomed, respectable member of the society, but when he gets excited, everyone within 100 meters surely can smell it. Kiki the koala is a bundle of giggles with lots of love for the world, but no ability to tone it down when the world just wants to sleep for like even ten minutes, please! Päkä the lesser panda has big ambitions and even bigger ego. If something doesn’t go her way, she gets grumpy, very grumpy. Who knew such a cute little thing has such sharp teeth?

Veikkaus is arguably one of our favourite clients and as always, we really enjoyed working with them and it surely shows in the finished game. The game can be played for free if you have a Veikkaus account, so go ahead and give it a try!

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Game Concept and Mathematics,

Executive producer:

Harri Järvinen



Mikko Heilala



Markus Walldén

Nasta Design

Producer, Concept & Layouts:

Jaakko Tyhtilä

Brink Helsinki


Executive Producer:

Ilona Kyykoski

Animation director,

Character Design & Roughs:

Kiira Mukka


Tiia Reijonen

UI Graphics, Logo &

Additional Background Animation:

Joona Leppänen

Sound Design:

Timo Antila / Humina Oy

Voice Acting:

Sari Havas / Vild Factory
Samuli Niittymäki / Vild Factory

Animation Cleanup & Color:

Herle Kuhl 

In Cooperation with

Moido Games / Henri Sarasvirta