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KOFF – Stadilaista Menoa

Commercial for Sinebrychoff's KOFF.

Sinebrychoff is a Finnish brewery and soft drinks company. We made a commercial for Sinebrychoff’s beer brand KOFF to launch a new American Lager this spring.

Sinebrychoff is an important part of the history of our capital and the film recounts anecdotes from the history of Helsinki that are related to the Sinebrychoff brewery.

We put the historical Helsinki to life after 200 years, which was both challenging and rewarding at the same time. The spot goes back to the year 1819 when the brewery was founded in Helsinki and the streets filled up with joy and singing. One thing leads to another and in the end of the one minute commercial we are in the year 2017 and KOFF’s new American Lager is now available in stores.




Marketing Director: 

Alexander Sneen

Category Marketing Director, Beer: 

Johan Jakobsson

Communications Director: 

Henna Mertsola

Group Brand Manager:

 Jonathan Heino 

Brand Manager: 

Pilvi Varjonen


hasan & partners 

Client Service Director: 

Jarno Lindblom 

Account Manager: 

Jonna Ilvonen 

Creative Director: 

Mikael Nemeschansky 


Tomi Winberg 

Art Director:

Sami Anttila 

Production AD: 

Elli Tervo 

Brink Helsinki 

Executive Producer: 

Ilpo Virtanen 


Stobe Harju 


Johannes Lassila / Also Starring 

Director of Photography: 

Hena Blomberg 

1st Assistant Director: 

Karin Martinson

Production Manager: 

Jenni Karén / Also Starring

Production Assistant: 

Beda Anteroinen / Also Starring

Location Manager: 

Pauli Kairismaa

1st Assistant Camera: 

Jami Granström

2nd Assistant Camera: 

Antris Bonsdorff

Lighting Director: 

Jani Lehtinen

Lighting Assistants: 

Jouni Välitalo, Kari Malmio,

Veli-Matti Olinuora, 

Jari Kairamo andRiku Virta

Key Grip: 

Olli Kukkonen


Aki Ruostepuro


Karri Takala

Set Designer: 

Sami Ylikarhi / Silver Zombie

Set Builder: 

Katarina Lume

Make-up Artist: 

Pia Mikkonen

Wardrobe Artist: 

Roosa Marttiini


Anu Taipale

Casting / Actors: 

Cuba Films

Casting / Extras: 

Jenni Kangasniemi

VFX Supervisor: 

Jesse Myllymäki 


Anders Helle  


Janne Mäkinen, Niko Rinta,
Jussi Dittmer, Jussi Saarelma 

3D Graphics & Animation: 

Teemu Valkama, Pedro Furet,
Pauli Pehkonen, Jussi Dittmer, Juha Halme 

Matte Paintings: 

Petteri Laakso, Janne Pitkänen 

2nd Unit Director: 

Alexander Seraidaris 

2nd Unit Director of Photography: 

Aarne Tapola, Mikael Ahtikari,
Ilkka Peltola  

Color Grading: 

Petri Falkenberg 

Music & Sound

Petri Alanko