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Animated commercial and illustrations for Avena's "Neito" cooking oil products.

Neito is a Finnish premium canola cooking oil for consumers had a problem of being overshadowed by fancy Southern European olive oils in the local grocery stores. We created a campaign with attention agency Lucid Helsinki that got the attention of potential clientele - urban women in the greater Helsinki area that appreciated healthy attitude, design and high-quality ingredients in cooking.

Neito had a beautifully designed product but not the strongest brand awareness. This gave us the opportunity to create a visual identity for our campaign that was to stand out in the market and create fresh reactions within the target audience.


We started this campaign with a pilot that included colorful, urban meme spirited pictures posted with light paid advertising on Instagram and Facebook. These pictures were posted with post texts encouraging engagement.



Avena Nordic Grain

Client Director:

Jenny Tallberg

Concept Team:

Joonas Kylliäinen, Ilona Kyykoski,

Joona Leppänen, Roope Nevander,

Tiia Reijonen, Saara Salama and

Alexander Seraidaris

Marketing Strategy by Lucid Helsinki:
Roope Nevander, Saara Salama
and Natalia Salmela

Brink Helsinki

Executive Producer:

Ilona Kyykoski 

Creative Supervisor:

Alexander Seraidaris 

Design and Illustrations:

Tiia Reijonen


Joona Leppänen 


Niko Rinta 

Music &
Sound Design:

Audiodraft / Tiago Rodrigues