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Angry Birds Match 

A series of animated videos promoting Rovio's Angry Birds Match.

We created a series of online commercials for Rovio promoting their Angry Birds Match game directed by Sara Wahl. The creative idea was to spawn to life characters from the game, and have them play all kinds of tricks in the real world, before returning back to the game.

We combined carefully planned live action footage with realistic 3D-animation and compositing techniques to achieve the illusion and bring the Angry Birds Match characters to life, including everything from piggies carrying cherry cakes and being run over and thrown around by Angry Birds to showcasing game character wardrobes. 

For added value, we designed the whole show in a modular square format so our friends at Rovio could flexibly create various crop versions for different media of all shapes and sizes.

Rovio Team

Client Service Director: 

Edi Groundstroem


Sara Wahl

Production Manager:

Sini Jääskeläinen

3D Assets:

Antti Rautiola, Manu Järvinen

3D Supervisors:

Scott Liedtka, Antti Rautiola

Character Animation:

Sara Wahl


Maria Palavamäki

Music and Sound Design:

Mikko Paju

Game Footage Capture & Hand Actress:

Verna Kiander

Brink Helsinki

Executive Producer:

Ilona Kyykoski

VFX Supervisor:

Alexander Seraidaris


Ville Sivonen / Takauma


Samuel Valkola

Director of Photography:

Toni Pasanen

1st Assistant Camera:

Jerry Strengel

Post Lighting & Rendering: 

Teemu Valkama


Niko Rinta, Matti Kaihola


Matti Kaihola

Image Re-touch: 

Petteri Laakso

Color Grading: 

One Grade / Sarrah Wilkman